Loki Series Could’ve Been Much Better

Loki Series Could’ve Been Much Better

Loki Series on Disney Plus is the latest story in the next phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). The massive success of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier kept fans really excited for Loki’s action. But despite being a really good series, Loki keeps fans wanting more. Although Loki has managed to garner lots of positive reviews, there are certain things that could’ve made this good series a great one.

Loki Needs Less Talk, More Action

Nothing wrong with the story, great performances, awesome CGI, great direction, and really good screenplay. The only thing this Loki series lacks is more action. You have the god of mischief lead character in a multiverse storyline, the stage is all set for some jaw-dropping otherworldly action. 

But what you see is Oven Wilson and his annoyingly long bureaucratic banter about the TVA. The inclusion of Oven Wilson as Mobius in this series has certainly increased the star power but the point is, Loki as a marvel series needs more action than mere talk and explanations about the TVA.  

Loki Series: A Set up for MCU’s Next Phase?

While watching Loki it definitely feels as if it is a story set up for upcoming Marvel movies. A lot of deliberate explaining that eats up a major chunk of Loki’s runtime certainly gives us a hint at how MCU’s next phase is going to be directed. In a way, Loki acts more as a teaser for the next phase of MCU than a standalone original content.

Is Loki Worth Watching?

Yes, it is a really good series. In fact, one of the most anticipated series by Marvel. Besides Loki’s magic, Oven Wilson looks really good in this series. Loki does a great job at explaining Marvel’s multiverse, so if you’re going to follow the next phase of MCU then this is a must-watch for you.

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