Finch Is It Worth Watching?

Finch Is It Worth Watching?

Finch is a post-apocalypse Sci-Fi drama. It does remind us of Chappie, but the plot is much simpler and straightforward. If you ask whether Finch is worth watching or not? I would definitely say it is worth watching. Featuring Tom Hanks as the lead, this movie is oddly entertaining. It also provides some food for thought regarding the potential future of AI-powered robots.

Apart from the typical dystopian landscape, the movie masterfully portrays the relationship between the newly created robot and its creator. The story is not very complicated, yet the odd group of characters make it strangely fascinating.

Despite having a grim ending, the movie manages to cling onto a hint of a silver lining. The movie is far from perfect, but not surprisingly, the main highlight of the movie is again the amazing performance of Tom Hanks. His chemistry with the robot is particularly interesting.

The subtle focus of the movie on the day-to-day hardships of a post-apocalyptic world is something truly captivating. Regardless of an impending threat, there are also some light moments in the movie.

The Robot Steals the Show

Although Tom Hanks is the only human you will see in this movie, the Robot generates more interest when it comes to the flow of the story. At times it feels as if Finch, the lead character played by Tom Hanks, acts like a very impatient parent trying to teach his child everything that he can in a very short span of time.

The race against time is another aspect of the story that clearly defines the dynamics of the relationship between Finch and the Robot. Overall the dramatic tension around the Robot’s desire to do more and the hidden dangers of that world make it a thrilling experience.

Another thing worth mentioning is the production quality of the movie. It looks really good in terms of the CGI and the way it has been filmed.

Is Finch Worth Watching?

I think for Sci-Fi fans it is a must-watch. A very good post-apocalyptic survival story, Finch is definitely worth watching. 

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