The Harder They Fall Is It Worth Watching?

The Harder They Fall Is It Worth Watching?

In case you are still wondering whether The Harder They Fall is worth watching or not? Let me assure you, it is worth every second of your time. A bold western, this movie is pure elegance and entertainment. Reminiscent of Quintin Tarantino’s work, it gives a full dose of unfiltered action.

Everything about this movie just feels so remarkable. From background score to cinematography, from editing to acting, every aspect of this movie just looks so well balanced. It is a kind of movie that is truly enjoyable through and through.

Another very remarkable thing about this movie is its strong characters. The level of depth surrounding all the lead characters is truly commendable. It is very obvious that all these powerful characters wonderfully strengthen the plot, making it a very appealing watch.

More Than Just A Revenge Story

It is more than just a revenge story. A very late reveal makes it even more dramatic, clearly enhancing the flavor multiple times.

Apart from the final somewhat chaotic action sequence, the movie looks flawlessly filmed. It is a movie that is going to look absolutely amazing on the big screen. Some of the shots in this movie are just so perfectly done. Visually the movie is simply a treat to watch.

The script also looks very well-rounded with a fair share of light moments to cherish. Apart from the script, the background score sounds absolutely amazing. It definitely gives more weight to the movie. It also provides a unique and memorable feel to some of the scenes.

Is The Harder They Fall Worth Watching?

It is a very good movie with likable characters and some brutal action. If you are into western movies then you simply can’t miss it. Clearly one of the best movies to stream this year. The Harder They Fall is definitely worth watching. 

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