Gold Is It Worth Watching?

Gold Is It Worth Watching?

Gold is a survival movie gone wrong. It looks as if the movie aims too high and in the process even struggles to do the basics right. The movie is very torturous and boring, definitely not worth watching. 

The concept for this movie is not bad at all, even the trailer looks enticing enough. But when it comes to execution, the filmmakers seem to have overdone it. The storyline is simple enough for a decent ride yet the movie totally falls apart in the first half.

The second half of the movie looks so spontaneous that it literally becomes a laborious task to watch the movie till the end. Gold is definitely not the kind of movie you’ll want to stream on any weekend. It is not a bad idea to just skip it instead.

Why Gold Movie is so Bad?

There is a very thin line between an artistic film and a very boring one. Unfortunately Gold falls into the boring category. I think in an attempt to make a really good aesthetic film, Gold unknowingly treads into a trap of its own making.

A very obvious editing glitch in the very first scene of the movie is enough of an indication to tell what kind of a movie Gold is. It seems as if the filmmakers have put all their efforts into making sure the makeup is perfect while ignoring many other aspects of the film.

By the way, the makeup of the lead actors in this movie is remarkably good. This is the only positive thing to point out in this movie. Other than that, there is hardly anything worth mentioning. 

Is Gold Worth Watching? 

Honestly speaking, Gold movie is not worth your time. It is a boring drama from start right till the end. Nothing to be excited about. Despite a decent performance by Zac Efron, the movie is dull all the way.

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