Uncharted Is It Worth Watching?

Uncharted Is It Worth Watching?

Despite popular perceptions, Uncharted is a very good adventure movie. It is definitely, worth watching. Just because it is not an exact replica of the video game, the movie doesn’t deserve to be judged differently. Adapted from the video game, the movie had to re-adjust its screenplay to factor in time constraints.

If you look at the movie subjectively, without viewing it through the lens of the video game then you’ll realize that it is indeed a very entertaining movie. Uncharted is engaging from the start with some decent character building for the lead actors. Overall the movie is not bad for a nice adventure movie.

Even though Tom Holland looks good playing the key role of Nathan Drake. It is Mark Wahlberg whose supporting character provides this movie with a much-needed sway. Although no way near being an extraordinary movie, Uncharted is a bit underrated for sure.

Is Uncharted a Good Film?

If you ask me, it is not a bad movie at all. Adapted from a popular video game, it is a decent adventure story. Overall Uncharted is certainly a good film to enjoy. Action-adventure fans who are not familiar with the video game might find it really entertaining.

On the other hand hardcore fans of the video game are naturally going to look at the movie from their unique perspective, probably a bit disappointed at not finding the movie the way they imagined it. Having said that, the movie is not a bad adaptation of the video game either. It certainly features some of the iconic scenes from the Uncharted video game.

With a really good production quality, the Uncharted movie also features some amazing action sequences. The iconic cargo plane scene is the main action highlight of the movie.

Is Uncharted Worth Watching?

A decent adventure movie to enjoy, Uncharted is definitely worth watching. If you’re a fan of the Uncharted video game you might not find it as you imagined but still, you simply can’t miss it. Clearly a nice movie to stream.

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