Luca Movie Review

Luca Movie Review

Pixar Studio’s latest animation movie Luca is a breath of fresh air. It is a movie for the whole family to enjoy together. It certainly is a good movie but we cannot compare it to some of the great animation titles produced by Pixar over the years. As expected the animation, characters, and colors in this movie are remarkable. But despite being a good movie there seems to be something missing.

What’s Missing in Luca? 

It’s hard to explain the missing element in this movie. The filmmaking, animation, performances, and everything related to art direction is top-notch. I think the story itself lacks the powerful emotional hidden message that is usually a trademark of Pixar movies.

Initially, the storyline seems a bit slow, but once we get familiar with the main characters, it plays rather nicely. Some of the scenes in this movie are really funny, making it a nice, light-hearted story. Another thing that is praiseworthy about this movie is the amount of detail given to the supporting characters. Almost all the supporting characters are well designed and perfectly placed throughout the movie.

Near the backend of the story, some scenes feel a bit forced. At this point, we clearly feel that the movie lacks some sort of emotional anchor. It is due to this missing emotional element that the story feels a bit lacking in depth. It certainly feels as if the story could’ve used some further development. There are some moments in the movie that certainly had potential and could’ve explored a bit further.

Another prominent point in this movie is its ending. I think the ending is rather abrupt which makes it a bit dull and anti-climatic. Maybe it’s because the story develops in a certain way and then midway through the movie it kind of shifts its main theme.

Is It Worth Watching?

Despite its shallow story, Luca is a beautifully crafted movie. It is a great family movie for a weekend movie night. It surely is entertaining and worth a watch.