Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1: Is it Worth Watching?

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1: Is it Worth Watching?

After much delay Money Heist is back. This time Part 5 of the popular Netflix series is partitioned into two volumes. Beyond doubt, the most intense of all the seasons, Part 5 of Money Heist is all action-packed thrill. Exciting as always this Volume 1 of Part 5 is filled with delaying tactics, emotional drama, and clever blackmail.

Always cool and calm the Professor is subdued almost throughout the season. It’s near the end of this volume that he finds his mojo. At the start, this volume looks stretchy as ever, but once the action is in full swing the typical Money Heist feeling comes rolling back.

The flashbacks are there, but this time the context for some of the rather long flashbacks is not clear yet. Maybe these flashbacks have some connection to the story that is yet to be revealed in the next volume.

Is it Worth the Wait?

I think those who are in a sense “addicted” to the series are going to enjoy it no matter what. Even though the delays in the story just to stretch the series are pretty obvious, hardcore fans won’t mind waiting for another volume.

I think the highlight of this whole volume is the action. With just five episodes, the pacing is almost perfect for a genuine binge-watch. This Part 5 of the series is far from over, technically the end of Volume 1 is similar to an interval in a long movie. The next volume is expected to continue the Money Heist madness further.

With a clear audience-centric approach, the filmmakers of Money Heist continue to end favorite characters. This time the ending for one particular favorite character is rather swift. Overall this volume is thoroughly enjoyable. A couple of minor surprises also add some extra flavor to the mix.

Is Money Heist Part 5 Volume 1 Worth Watching?

If you are diligently following the series then you simply can’t miss it. Besides, this season guarantees the typical Money Heist excitement, emotion, and drama. The unending thrill and the Professor’s continuing plans will resume in the next volume.

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