SAS: Rise of the Black Swan or SAS: Red Notice Worth Watching?

SAS: Rise of the Black Swan or SAS: Red Notice Worth Watching?

Believe it or not, SAS: Rise of the Black Swan and SAS: Red Notice are the same movie. On both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes the movie is titled SAS: Red Notice. Whereas, on Netflix, the same movie is streaming under the title SAS: The Rise of the Black Swan.

Apparently many people are confusing the different naming of this movie as a sequel. And that is understandable because there are so many SAS movies out there. As of this writing, it is not clear why the name of the same movie is different on Netflix. Most probably this might be due to a contractual obligation related to streaming rights. 

Anyhow, let’s talk about the movie itself. Honestly speaking the movie is too long for an action genre. No matter how differently you name it, the movie looks below average. 

Rise of the Black Swan/Red Notice: How Bad Is It?

Well, it’s hard to answer because some might find it entertaining. Certainly, fans on Rotten Tomatoes seem to be enjoying the movie. Critics on the other hand have many valid reasons to highlight the flaws that at times look too obvious to ignore.

The most prominent of all the issues with this movie is the runtime. There are clear pacing issues and the ending is dragged a bit too much. The kind of action-packed story this movie attempts to portray suits high-paced editing.

Even though the casting for the movie is pretty decent, the lousy screenplay fails to harness their talent effectively. Certainly, the screenplay is not up to the mark but what makes matters worse is the direction.

Overall the direction seems to be clearly lacking in substance. Despite having several basic issues, the story has set the stage for a sequel as well. 

Is SAS: Red Notice or SAS: The Rise of The Black Swan Worth Watching?

If you are not bothered by the long runtime and enjoy watching some average gunfight sequences, then you probably might want to watch this. But if you’re choosy and look to spend your streaming time wisely then you better skip it.

Because, trust me, if you decide to skip it, you won’t miss a thing.

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