The Green Knight Is It Worth Watching?

The Green Knight Is It Worth Watching?

The Green Knight is worth watching just for the queer elegance it has to offer. Staying true to its source material, this movie gives nothing to the audience. As odd as it may seem, this movie doesn’t care what people really want to see in a classic fable. 

The movie has a simple storyline, yet its simplicity offers something deeply moving. The Green Knight has an ominous undertone that gives it a unique dark feeling throughout. 

The movie portrays a linear struggle, a soul-searching journey of the protagonist that ends in a rather anti-climatic way. Dev Patel looks really good in this movie. The way he has approached this character is truly remarkable.

What Makes The Green Knight Unique?

Although the story is dark and magical, it is hyper-focused on the quest that the protagonist has to accomplish. Most of the shots in the movie are long yet beautifully crafted. These long scenes stitched together into different chapters make it extra engaging. 

Even though some might find these scenes over-stretched and boring, the intended depth provided by these scenes truly adds to the overarching tone of the movie.

I think the core section of the movie is the quest where the protagonist truly finds his place in that fantasy world. Moreover, the story also holds a very deep lesson with an open-ended climax.

Another very positive highlight of the movie is its art direction. Despite being an independent movie, every visual element perfectly matches the tone and style of the story.  

Is The Green Knight Worth Watching?

Let’s be honest, not everyone is going to enjoy this movie. But if you prefer something out of the ordinary, then it is a movie you simply can’t miss. Featuring another brilliant performance by Dev Patel, I think The Green Knight is definitely worth watching.

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