Morbius Is It Worth Watching?

Morbius Is It Worth Watching?

A clear disappointment, Morbius is not what people expected. Is it worth watching? Well, it is a hard question to answer, to be honest. Harcore Marvel fans might enjoy it but if you are looking for a good movie to enjoy then Morbius doesn’t fit the bill.

A much-awaited film for Marvel fans, Morbius seemed to have all the right ingredients to be the new superhero hit. On the contrary, this movie turned out to be exactly the opposite. With the lone exception of some nice special effects, this movie offers nothing else.

Cleary a flawed story to start with, there is nothing exciting about this movie. Other obvious weaknesses include average editing and below-par acting. Overall this movie lacks that superhero vibe making it a bad comic adaptation.

Why Morbius is a Flop?

No matter what genre it is, a good story is what people want to watch. Morbius being a superhero movie tells a very bad story. The movie lacks that unique excitement usually associated with Marvel characters. 

To be honest, even the very basic things like acting and editing are below average in this movie. With no emphasis on character development, there are many obvious storyline inconsistencies as well.

Even though Morbius has a decent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, critics have rightly highlighted its many weaknesses. Based on a very flimsy storyline, the movie fails to deliver anything significant. The only standout part in the whole movie is one flashy action sequence other than that, the movie disappoints big time.  

Is Morbius Worth Watching?

Marvel fans might find it interesting, but it is clearly not an exciting movie to look out for. Hardly worth watching, Morbius is a badly written and a badly executed superhero origin story. No way near fans’ expectations.

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