The Lost City Is It Worth Watching?

The Lost City Is It Worth Watching?

The Lost City is light-hearted and fun, also fascinating in a strange way. I think it is a movie worth watching for sure. This movie is a romantic comedy with a treasure hunting twist. The Lost City is nothing extravagant yet it shines with its stellar cast. To be honest the charm of its lead actors makes this movie a bit more interesting than it actually is.

The adventure itself is quite enjoyable with a surprisingly good cameo by Brad Pitt. A genuine romantic comedy this movie is greatly elevated by its lead actors. Channing Tatum in particular looks very good. I think he fits his character quite well in this movie.

Other than its brilliant cast, this movie feels like an honest romantic comedy. Even though the screenplay is not very impressive, the movie looks surprisingly better.

Is The Lost City a Good Movie?

Well, most of the critics seem to like this movie. With an average rating of 79% at the time of this writing, The Lost City is “certified fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes. Looking at most of the reviews, it does seem like people have really liked the on-screen chemistry between the lead actors, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

Another good thing about this movie is that the storyline is laid out quite simply. It provides enough screen time for the main characters to develop. Overall the movie also does a great job of presenting the lead characters in a very likable manner.

The Lost City as a romantic comedy can be labeled as a very good movie. Considering the thin content of the story together with a cliched ending, this movie still feels very entertaining. All in all, it is a very fun comedy adventure with a touch of romance.

Is The Lost City Worth Watching?

A simple romantic comedy adventure with a star cast, The Lost City is definitely worth watching. Although there is nothing extraordinary about this movie, it still feels very entertaining. It is a good movie to stream.

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