Shadow and Bone: Season 1

Shadow and Bone: Season 1

Shadow and Bone is a Netflix original series based on a series of fantasy novels.

Book adaptations are always tricky when it comes to movies. Because fans always jump to compare the screenplay with the books. I think it is unfair to look at an adapted work through the lens of the source material.

Firstly, people need to understand that, unlike books, movies are restricted in terms of runtime, therefore proper character building gets very hard to execute. Even though there is more time available in a series compared to a movie, it still takes a lot of skill to manage time properly. Books and movies are two different art formats so it’s best not to compare these outrightly.

Let us talk about Shadow and Bone now. It is a series adaptation of books written by Leigh Bardugo. Despite the complexity of the story and multiple subplots, Shadow and Bone seem to ease us through it all. 

The art direction in this series is impressive with great detail in costumes and sets. Other positive points include tense action sequences coupled with impactful individual performances. Almost all the lead characters in this series have done a wonderful job in making it a good one.

Is Shadow and Bone Season 1 Worth Watching? 

All episodes in this series are fully engaging and no episode feels out of place. And most important of all the ending is very satisfying with the perfect setup for the next season. 
So, should you watch Shadow and Bone? Yes, highly recommended. 

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