Nobody: A John Wick Style Treat - Review

Nobody: A John Wick Style Treat - Review

Fans of the John Wick franchise are going to love this movie (Nobody). Although this movie certainly has John Wick vibes, but it has a good story of its own. Well, the storyline is pretty straightforward with no complexities and emotional buildups. It starts and it ends like a rollercoaster. What I mean to say is that this movie is pretty much fun from the start to finish.

Bob Odenkirk as a lead role in this movie has done a fabulous job. He certainly fits the role quite well. What makes this movie even more interesting is the amazing action sequences. To be honest the hardcore action scenes in this movie do remind us of John Wick but certainly in a different way.

Like John Wick, this movie is also shot beautifully which makes it seem perfectly paced. I think it’s mainly because of the good editing. The runtime is just over an hour and a half, at times it feels like it could’ve afforded to be a bit longer – just for fun’s sake.

Nobody is a good reminder that following a simple, even predictable storyline backed by some good filmmaking and decent performances can be surprisingly successful.

I think John Wick and Nobody fall into the same flavor of action movies. There is something about these movies that fans love to watch. Maybe it’s the stylized violent action or maybe both these movies are well made.

So should you watch Nobody? If you like John Wick, Nobody is just perfect for you.

Nobody 2021 Trailer – Credits Universal Pictures