Justice League Snyder’s Cut

Justice League Snyder’s Cut

The story of the making of Justice League Snyder’s Cut is heartening. I wonder if someday someone will think about making a movie on how the whole movement for the Synder Cut started. It would be great to see how fans forced a giant movie studio to consider their plea.

I think it’s fair to say that the whole affair around the Justice League Snyder’s Cut is an interesting case study for modern filmmaking students. We learned how creative freedom or lack of it can drastically affect the final product.

Justice League Vs The Snyder’s Cut

I mean the contrast between the two Justice League movies is so prominent. It’s simply hard to ignore the genius of Zack Snyder. Or the dumb decisions by Joss Whedon in making all those changes to the originally planned movie.

Looking at both the movies side by side, the Snyder’s Cut feels more complete. Whedon’s Cut feels rushed, chopped, and badly edited. Many wonder what Whedon felt when he butchered the vision of Zack Snyder like a heartless maniac.

Many believe the real culprit is the studio. The frustration of competition doing so well and a blind rush to emulate the self presumed success formula of Marvel.

As it seems the success of Marvel movies is not their jokes or their colorful film grading. Marvel simply makes good movies. What Zack did with his version of the Justice League is that he simply made a really good movie.

A movie that starts from where it left. Works on the character building. Tells the story in a very good way. Never skips on important information and does a great job in editing action sequences.

Whedon’s version of the movie never does any of the things discussed above. It simply does a great job of ruining a great vision. Making a Frankenstein of a movie that compels fans to react.

Bottom Line

Snyder’s Cut is a work of art. It’s a modern classic. It might just provide the much-needed closure to the hardcore fans of the Snyder Verse.

Justice League Snyder’s Cut Trailer – Credits HBOMax