Wrath of Man Is It Worth Watching?

Wrath of Man Is It Worth Watching?

Everything about Wrath of Man feels like a Guy Ritchie movie. From the familiar color grading to intense action sequences, even the signature cinematography. This may not be the best movie by Guy Ritchie but it has all the right ingredients of a movie an average fan would love to watch.

Wrath of Man has this interesting non-linear mode of storytelling, which in a way makes it more engaging. The story itself is pretty obvious but the way it progresses, focusing on different perspectives, certainly adds much-needed depth to the plot.

Statham, Ritchie Duo

The movie features some amazing action sequences with very good performances all around. The casting looks perfect with Jason Statham doing an amazing job. 

This latest Guy Ritchie flick is not the usual crime genre he loves to make. It’s an interesting blend of crime with American money heist film. It is the kind of movie people would love to watch in a theater. 

Another interesting thing to note about this movie is that it is divided into chapters. That is good because it certainly helps to make sense of the story and its different points of view. 

It is worth noting that all the action sequences in this movie are very tense. All the action scenes in this movie are praise-worthy. The editing is well done.

In sum, Wrath of Man is not your average action movie on a streaming service, it is a genuine movie worthy of a theater viewing. Critics may not find it impressive but fans would appreciate what it has to offer.

Bottom Line

This movie is entertaining, intense, and at times a bit gory. But it has its highs, great performances, good editing, decent cinematography, very good direction, and most important of all great action sequences to remember. 

All the crime and money heist genre fans are going to enjoy this movie.

Wrath of Man Trailer – Credits MGM