The Matrix Resurrections Is It Worth Watching?

The Matrix Resurrections Is It Worth Watching?

The Matrix Resurrections is worth watching for the portrayal of some thought-provoking ideas about social construct and control. More philosophical than expected the latest reboot of The Matrix franchise is a mixed bag. A very self-aware story, the movie is bundled with some explosive action and annoying self-references.  

This new sequel of The Matrix continues the chilling science fiction story from its classic movies. But this time it lacks the distinctive style and tone of The Matrix. The action is very good, but it clearly falls very short of the awe-inspiring feat of the old movies.

For some reason, it feels as if the creators of The Matrix have deliberately made this movie in a different way to pave a new path for the franchise. Still a very good movie, The Matrix Resurrections was never going to beat the impact of the original The Matrix.

What Fans Expected?

Fans were clearly expecting to see the classic movie reborn. Obviously not a complete reboot of the story but a similar movie in tone and style. Some of the action sequences of the original The Matrix are still unforgettable. Hardcore fans were desperately waiting for something similar.

One of the most surprising things that hurt the fans most is the inclusion of comedy. Being one of the most serious science fiction plots of all time, The Matrix Resurrections was expected to be deadly serious. 

Story Good, Movie Could’ve Been Better

Story-wise The Matrix Resurrections is very cleverly crafted. It is a very powerful story that is seamlessly stitched with the past. But the movie feels as if it unnecessarily tries to explain the concept of The Matrix to those who are new to the franchise.

In doing so, it tends to lose some precious time that could’ve just focused on the present more rather than dwelling unnecessarily on the past.

All in all, some great performances by all the lead actors including Jessica Henwick makes The Matrix Resurrections a great movie to watch.

Is The Matrix Resurrections Worth Watching?

Despite its imperfections, The Matrix Resurrections is a great Sci-Fi movie. Bringing some new flavors to the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections is definitely worth watching. Although a bit hurt, all hardcore fans are ready for more.

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