The Menu Is It Worth Watching?

The Menu Is It Worth Watching?

The Menu is a dark comedy that keeps you entertained with a fair mix of witty screenplay and some brilliant acting. It is less of a formula film and more of an artistic sarcasm. Clearly one of the best movies of 2022, The Menu impresses with its unusual blend of dark comedy and conceptual storytelling.

This horror comedy perfectly portrays its core theme of exclusive fine dining and cleverly holds on to its sub-theme of professional obsession. But what really makes the recipe work is the well-thought-out casting.

Why The Menu is a Good Movie?

It is both fascinating and artistic. Far from being an ordinary comedy horror movie, The Menu is cinematic satire at its best. Other than the story itself the stunning visuals perfectly match the overall tone of the movie.

Another key highlight of this movie is its perfect casting. Ralph Fiennes’s performance as Chef Slowik is the clear standout.

The Menu is a really good movie that deals with its rather different material in a very balanced and remarkable manner. Also, the division into different meal courses makes this movie interesting throughout.

A still shot from The Menu (2022), Chef Slowik talking to Margo.
A still shot from The Menu (2022), Chef Slowik talking to Margo.

Is The Menu Worth Watching?

Working its way through a very hard topic, The Menu serves a fascinating satire filled with witty sarcasm and a very extraordinary ending. Truly a remarkable movie, The Menu is definitely worth watching.

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