Trese: Season 1

Trese: Season 1

Trese: Season 1 is the latest addition to the ever-growing anime catalog of Netflix. Based on the characters from Philippine folklore, Trese is an adaptation of a popular comic book series of the same name.

Considering the challenges of adapting from comic books, Trese has done a remarkable job. Right from the start, this anime series engages the audience with its supernatural criminal cases. 

The story of Trese is very interesting with a diverse range of characters, people not familiar with the original comic book series will find it particularly engaging.

Usually, the problem with most anime series is their pacing. Most of them drag the story with unnecessary flashback narrations and filler episodes. Trese is free from any pacing issues. And there are no filler episodes to skip.

Another important aspect that makes a good anime series is action. This series in particular contains beautifully crafted action sequences. Almost all episodes feature some amazing action scenes.

The heart of any anime is its character design. The quality of characters can make or break this art form. Despite having a diverse range of characters, this anime features some brilliantly designed characters. 

The art direction in this anime series is amazing. As the story of Trese is set in Manila, Philippines. Every scene in this anime feels distinctively from Manila. The attention to detail is truly remarkable.

How Good is Trese?

Overall Trese as an original anime series has so much to offer. The story has so much in it that it can be renewed for many seasons without dragging it. The variety of characters also makes it very interesting. It will definitely allow the writers to build and improve on the first season.

This is a series that anime lovers can’t simply miss. Trese has everything that a perfect anime has to offer. It is definitely worth watching.