What’s Wrong With The Ice Road?

What’s Wrong With The Ice Road?

This latest Liam Neeson movie, The Ice Road is not what fans expect it to be. In a bid to make it a signature Liam Neeson thriller, the filmmakers have completely ruined it. Yes, it is a movie that literally gets a bit torturous to the end. 

The Ice Road, How Bad Is It?

Well, critics say it’s predictable from the start to the end. But the major problem is not just the predictability. This movie has many flaws that are kind of hard to explain. There are clearly fundamental issues with the screenplay, but the execution is equally disappointing.

From the start, it feels like a low-budget movie solely created for a streaming audience. The compromises on quality can be judged from the initial CGI scene which looks ridiculously low quality.

Other noticeable issues include the runtime which is fairly huge considering the predictable plot. And the forced suspense which at times seems a bit too much. Moreover, certain characters seem cartoonish, the sheer willpower of the main antagonist in this movie is truly ridiculous.

Certain scenes in this movie are totally unrealistic and do not match the movie genre. Overall the movie looks really dragged for no obvious reason.

The only positive thing in this movie is the relationship of the lead character with his differently-abled brother. Otherwise, there is nothing that is worth mentioning in this movie.

Most of the action sequences in this movie are average at best and some of them feel truly annoying. Almost all the plot devices in this movie look isolated and completely forced. Which in a way makes this movie really incoherent despite having a predictable story.

Analyzing this movie, it feels as if the streaming industry is really pushing the limits of its quality standards. 

Is It Worth Watching?

Liam Neeson fans are really going to be disappointed with this movie. With clear flaws in the screenplay and direction, I don’t think this movie is worth watching. Even Liam Neeson’s star cast couldn’t save this movie.