A Quiet Place Part II Worth Watching?

A Quiet Place Part II Worth Watching?

A Quiet Place Part II is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes (RT) and rightly so. It is a movie worth watching. Written and directed by John Krasinski, who is also the lead actor in the first movie, the second part of this movie series is equally brilliant. 

This movie resumes from where the last movie ended. I think A Quiet Place is more than just a good movie series, it is a masterclass on how to do the sci-fi horror thriller genre perfectly.

Why “A Quiet Place” is a Good Movie?

This movie series has its basics covered. It also proves that budget doesn’t matter much if you choose the right story with great direction. Although the story itself is very well written what makes this movie stand out is the level of dedication from John Krasinski himself.

Even though this is a horror thriller, the movie truly feels like a powerful family story. Led by the brilliant Emily Blunt, all the performances in this movie are strikingly amazing. Sticking to the soul of the movie John has done a remarkable job by pulling off back-to-back hits and with great critic reviews.

Besides having a clever storyline, this movie massively banks on the “less is more” formula for pure horror. The action scenes are crafted to perfection, and the intensity of all the action sequences is hard to miss. And the buildup to these scenes is just perfectly timed.

Is A Quiet Place Part II Worth Watching?

Worth watching for sure, this is a rare movie that equally satisfies both the general audience and the sophisticated movie critics. With another sequel on the cards, this movie series is going to be a highly rated modern classic. After completing two brilliantly crafted movies, John Krasinski has set very high expectations for the third movie. Fans can’t wait for the next one.  

I think there is no need to ask if this movie is worth a watch. You simply can’t miss this one.