Wish Dragon: The Fluffy Animation

Wish Dragon: The Fluffy Animation

Wish Dragon is a soft, sweet, and colorful movie directed by Chris Appelhans. It is a nice family animation that feels almost fluffy. Although, the story has this popular familiarity, yet the movie still has an element of originality in it. The style of animation used in this movie is a bit different and creative. All the characters, especially the lead characters are very well designed.

This soft animated movie with its childish humor has done a remarkable job in highlighting the rapidly emerging class differences in modern Chinese society.

“Wish Dragon” has Soul

With almost a cotton candy like feel, this animated movie is engaging and well-paced. The combination of sweet characters, interesting story, and colorful scenes, make Wish Dragon a unique and refreshing family event.

In any type of animation, the facial expressions of the main characters give some sort of depth to the story. This movie has brilliantly used expressions to add extra flavor to its storyline. This movie features many sweet moments which in a way provide it a bit more depth.

But the soul of the movie is right there in plain sight. It is this unexplainable good feeling that really makes this animation different from your average family movie.

I think it doesn’t matter how old the inspiration for the story is, what really matters is how creatively it is presented. And it is in this unique presentation that WIsh Dragon has its soul.

Is Wish Dragon Worth Watching?

Animated movies are always special events but this one is distinctively sweet. I think the colorful combination of humor and emotion in this movie makes it a good one. Among many other good things, great character design and a light-hearted approach make it a really interesting movie. 
Watching Wish Dragon really feels like enjoying a sweet candy. It is definitely worth watching.