The Tomorrow War Is It Worth Watching?

The Tomorrow War Is It Worth Watching?

The Tomorrow War is a rare sci-fi action that delivers what sci-fi fans want. It is definitely no way near the quality of Edge of Tomorrow. But having said that, The Tomorrow War is certainly worth watching. Contrary to what critics are saying, this movie excels at many things. First of all, the scale of this sci-fi story is enormous with an interesting time-travel element. Although there are things that could’ve been better, The Tomorrow War certainly delivers a full dose of satisfying entertainment.

What’s Good About The Tomorrow War?

Considering how hard it is to execute any sci-fi action, this movie has done a remarkable job in creating some amazing action sequences. Yes, the inspiration for the whole movie seems to be from the Edge of Tomorrow, but having said that, fans certainly want to see more movies like Edge of Tomorrow.

All the action sequences in this movie are very well crafted. There is a lot of action in this movie, but it’s not mindless action like “Infinite”, rather it is well-paced and serves the storyline perfectly.

Some decent performances, especially by Yvonne Strahovski make it less dependent on pure action. Chris Pratt also looks good throughout the movie.

Other things that are worth mentioning include CGI. The amount of CGI in this movie is huge yet the special effects team has done a great job creating some good CGI. Especially the detailed time travel scenes.

Weak Spots

This movie is far from a perfect sci-fi action. The long runtime is one indication that this movie certainly has some pacing issues. But these pacing issues are somewhat compensated by quite a few remarkable action sequences.

Even though the sci-fi story overall is a good one, there are some visible screenplay issues. Let’s just say that the screenplay for this movie could’ve been a bit more refined. 

Moreover, some scenes feel a bit forced to inject an emotional aspect to the story even though that move now feels unnecessary in hindsight.

Well, there are a lot more things for critics in this movie to talk about but all these weak points do not take away the fact that it is indeed a really entertaining movie.

Is The Tomorrow War Worth Watching?   

Sci-fi fans can’t miss it. If you liked Edge of Tomorrow, you are really going to enjoy this one too. Yes, this movie has its weakness but despite those weak spots it provides two hours of great sci-fi action. 

This movie has so much material in it that it could’ve been a better move to produce it as a series rather than a standalone movie.