Fear Street Part One: 1994

Fear Street Part One: 1994

Fear Street Part One: 1994 started the horror trilogy in a truly promising fashion. As it seems, this Netflix original trilogy attempts to fuse the old-school horror genre with the popular slasher formula of the nineties. And looking at the first movie, director Leigh Janiak seems to have done a great job fusing the two genres.

This movie is really well made. From the word go, it delivers the signature suspense associated with these genres. And the most important thing that really makes it a good movie is that the amount of slashing is seriously kept in check.

How Good is Fear Street Part One: 1994?

Considering the slasher tag associated with this trilogy, many expected it to be average at best. But a Certified Fresh tag on Rotten Tomatoes (RT) for the first movie is somewhat of an achievement. 

There are many things that are really good about this movie. First of all, the amount of time given to character building is just perfect. Being a teen movie, the familiarity with the lead characters is a must and this movie does it brilliantly.

Performances are really good with Benjamin Flores Jr. doing exceptionally well. The chemistry among the group of teenage friends is truly remarkable.

Another positive thing about this movie is that despite having a considerable runtime, it doesn’t feel stretched at all. In fact, the movie is so engaging that you hardly notice the time element. With some great editing, the storyline in this movie just feels really smooth.

Is Fear Street Part One: 1994 Worth a Watch?

If you like intense horror plus slasher suspense and some unexpected twists & turns then this is the movie for you. And the way the first movie in the trilogy is set up, this is going to be a wild ride for sure. Fear Street Part One: 1994 is definitely worth watching.

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