Free Guy Is It Worth Watching?

Free Guy Is It Worth Watching?

In case you are wondering whether Free Guy is worth watching or not? This is 2021 and movies based on video games are not boring anymore. In fact, Free Guy is full of energy and fun through and through. I think it is also worth mentioning here that literally no one could have played the lead character better than Ryan Reynolds.

Extreme levels of energy, excitement, and a true feeling of online gaming is flowing throughout this movie. Besides good comedy, this movie also correctly reflects the current state of popular video games. Which in a way is really relatable to many young gamers out there.

I think the biggest highlight of this movie is surely going to be the Blue Shirt Guy, the leading character played by Ryan Reynolds. The way Ryan Reynolds played his part is truly remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable.

How Fresh is Free Guy?

It is as fresh as the blue color feels. With some remarkable reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (RT), this movie is surprisingly liked by most of the critics. As far as the fans are concerned, there is no way they are going to say anything negative about this one.

Clearly, this movie is made for gamers and they are certainly going to love it. Considering the ubiquitous madness of online gaming, Free Guy provides a unique take on AI-powered Non-player Characters (NPCs). The idea of fully autonomous NPCs sounds really fascinating in the backdrop of a rapidly growing gaming industry.

Apart from the fascinating sci-fi gaming premise, this movie also delivers some amazing visuals. All the in-game sequences are masterfully executed with some beautiful-looking video game graphics.

All in all Free Guy is a really good movie with a simple storyline that clearly delivers what it promises in the first place.

Is Free Guy Worth Watching?

If you play video games, then it’s time to take a break and watch this movie. Gamers simply can’t miss this one. But if you are unaware of the massive video game industry you should still watch this, who knows you might end up playing video games. By the way, Free Guy is definitely worth watching.

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