Ray: Is It Worth Watching?

Ray: Is It Worth Watching?

Ray is an anthology series streaming on Netflix. With a total of four episodes, this anthology series is based on short stories by Satyajit Ray. All of the four stories in this anthology are very different. And the whole series is very unlike the traditional Indian cinema or TV. It gives us a glimpse of the diversity and richness of Indian literature.

Satyajit Ray was a celebrated Indian film director, author, and illustrator. His essays and stories reflect Indian society in a very different and unique way. But this adapted anthology series doesn’t really do justice to Satyajit Ray’s genius.

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not is the first story in this anthology series. Attempted to recreate as a psychological thriller, this episode falls very short of achieving what it intends to achieve. The episode starts off rather interestingly, setting a high standard for itself. 

As the story develops it gets a bit too much delved into creating a “psychological” thriller that it misses the point completely. Some over-exaggerated stereotypes in this episode also offset a potentially good performance by Ali Fazal.


The second story in the anthology series Ray is very well directed compared to the first one. The highlight of this episode is the brilliant acting by Kay Kay Menon. Overall this second episode looks good except for the ending, which is a bit unexpected, to say the least.

Hungama Hai Kyon Burpa

The third story in this Netflix series is a true gem. The brilliant performance by Manoj Bajpayee is the best thing in this whole series. Hungama Hai Kyon Burpa is beyond doubt the best episode in this anthology.

The cast, acting, direction, dialogue, and story, everything looks so perfect in this episode. Abhishek Chaubey has done a remarkable job directing this story. This one is a true depiction of a story from the legendary Satyajit Ray.


The last episode in Ray is Spotlight. The story of Spotlight is an interesting one, but the casting and direction again disappoints big time. All these short stories by Satyajit Ray have something in them, but the adaptation for the series looks really disappointing.

The only exception is the third episode, Hungama Hai Kyon Burpa, which is just brilliantly crafted. If you intend to watch Ray, just skip to the third episode which is a must-watch. Other episodes are easily forgettable.

Bottom Line 

I think Ray is worth watching just for Hungama Hai Kyon Burpa and Manoj Bajpayee’s brilliant performance.

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