Record of Ragnarok: Season 1

Record of Ragnarok: Season 1

Record of Ragnarok: Season 1 is your typical Japanese anime based on a manga series of the same name. Just after the release of the anime series on Netflix, the original manga fans forcefully shared their disappointment on Twitter. One of the most widespread criticisms that came from the fans is about the neutered expressions of their favorite characters compared to the manga series. Fans compared the anime and manga side by side, expressing their anger and disappointment.

Criticism Out of Expectations

Despite the huge backlash by fans on Twitter, I think Record of Ragnarok is not a bad amine at all. The average fan of Japanese anime who has not read the original manga will certainly enjoy it. If you don’t compare it with manga and analyze it as a standalone anime series then you’ll definitely give some points to the Netflix series.

I personally believe that comparing two different art forms is just unfair. You simply cannot compare a novel with an adapted movie. The same is true for manga and anime. Expecting the same level of excitement is childish. Unlike novels and manga, movies in any form have certain limitations. Limits on time and resources are just the prominent ones. I think it is wise not to compare both these formats one on one. 

But considering the emotional attachment of manga fans with their favorite characters, they have every right to be mad at any misrepresentation of their characters in the adapted anime.

Looking at the anime series from a neutral point of view, there are many things that are worth praising. The characters in this anime are very well designed. All the Greek Gods and human champions featured in the first season are certainly amazing. The anime creators have done a remarkable job in representing these mammoth, mythical figures. 

Final Verdict on Record of Ragnarok: Season 1

Both the fights featured in the first season are worth the build-up. The over-the-top action, the back story narrations, deliberate build-ups, and supporting characters, everything in this anime series is distinctively like a typical Japanese anime.

All in all, the Record of Ragnarok is a fine anime series with a massive dose of entertainment. Although the anime may not be perfect compared to the manga, it is definitely worth a watch.