The Wedding Guest Is It Worth Watching?

The Wedding Guest Is It Worth Watching?

If you are asking whether The Wedding Guest is worth watching or not? Then I can certainly tell you one thing, this is a question that is definitely worth asking. As for the movie, if you love the stern look of Dev Patel then definitely yes. Otherwise, the movie itself feels bereft of something that is very hard to explain.

The ultra-realistic tone of the movie promises so much at the start. But as the story progresses viewers are left wanting. This movie feels like an unending journey where you get tired and settle for an unwanted place as your final destination.

The script is so casually written that neither Radhika Apte’s charm nor Dev Patel’s dynamic performance was enough to save it. In an attempt to make something deeper the filmmakers have clearly settled for something much shallow.

Misleading Title

Watch the movie and you will agree, there is no wedding and there is no guest. Well, it is debatable but I believe that the title of the movie is clearly misleading as well. Surprisingly the movie feels more like a travel vlog than something related to a wedding.

Moments of Madness

There are a few moments in the movie where you feel as if the story has taken a sharp turn. But despite the many attempts to recharge the story, the movie seems to be on life support throughout. Except till the end, where it dies peacefully.

The ending is far from satisfactory where it abruptly ends without any substance.

Is The Wedding Guest Worth Watching?

The Wedding Guest is a very odd movie, to say the least. Despite featuring two great actors, the movie fails to achieve whatever it wanted to achieve in the first place. Is The Wedding Guest worth watching? I don’t think so. If you want your streaming time well spent then I suggest you look for something else to enjoy.

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